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Welcome to The Cerulean Life

Welcome to The Cerulean Life - a refreshing escape where every day is paradise.  Stop by often to soak up our latest finds, explore the depths of your style and be part of a community that embraces the simple things that make us all smile.  We are excited to share our world with you and hope you enjoy the journey.

Here are some of the things we love and that you can be sure will pop up throughout the life of this blog: easy how to's, soft and luxurious fabrics, delicious island-flavored scents, great deals, cute animals (especially dogs and puppies), reminders that you are awesome, comfortable shoes that also look stylish, actually comfortable anything that also looks stylish, delicious food, bright colors, good things people are doing to help each other, out-of-this-world prints, mermaids, laughing babies and ways to simplify our lives so we can enjoy what actually matters (like laughing babies). After all, this is paradise, so we get to indulge in everything that makes us smile.

Have a topic, event or question you would like us to cover?  Email us at clientservices@ceruleanblu.com - or give us a call (727) 498-8984.

See you soon ~

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